Our mission is to be a first regional then global network to transform agriculture into a sustainable activity. We can be a powerful and effective ally to achieve and monitor goals, to transform agricultural practices and to create value on the ground.


The general supply of seafood in the world is shifting more towards aquaculture as the supply from wild catch is stagnating in several regions and for many important species. Wild catch of salmonids varies between 700,000 and 1,000,000 tones GWT, whereas farmed salmonids are increasing. The total supply of salmonids was first dominated by farmed in 1999. Since then, the share of farmed salmonids has increased and has become the dominant source.


Our country has several unique opportunities for different types of tourism compiled under the category of alternative tourism, which include, in addition to coastal tourism, health and thermal tourism, winter sports, mountain climbing and layout tourism, adventure trips, plateau tourism and ecotourism.


Effectiveness and efficiency still huge problems for agriculture industry in Turkey. Agroturca initiates new economic and financial models to unite land owners and agriculture investors. Every inch of any land is a solid target to get invested after now.